Hey there! I'm Berney

Berney Rodriguez is an L.A. native who has been working with dogs and studying their behavior for more than 7 years.  Realizing that each animal and each pet owner has unique needs, Berney committed to learning many different approaches to training and rehabilitation therapy. In 2015, he launched Train My Dog Berney to provide customized one-on-one dog training and puppy training in Los Angeles. 

Over the last 2 years, Berney has successfully trained numerous dogs, with large client bases in West L.A., Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Studio City. He has tailored his training to each dog in his care, including dogs who required intense rehabilitation. Berney believes that no animal is beyond repair, and that even an aggressive dog can be rehabilitated long as it receives the proper therapy. 


Berney studied animal behavior and dog training for two years and is ABCDT certified (Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer).  By working for several of Southern California’s leading trainers and animal behavior experts, he has been able to study many different training approaches, evaluate the strengths of each method, and put the most beneficial elements into practice. 


Berney rejects the concept of one-size-fits-all training. Recognizing that dogs, like people, have unique personalities and are shaped by their history, Berney uses his 7 years of experience to determine the techniques best suited to each individual animal. He firmly believes that a dog’s good behavior is guaranteed once a successful routine is identified and consistently maintained in the home.

“You have to check your emotions, and read the energy of the animal. It’s not just about getting your dog to sit and stay, it’s about establishing a practical routine and setting boundaries. My job is to help each dog gain the confidence to be an active member of their family, while giving the owners peace of mind.” –Berney Rodriguez
“I provide stable energy and guidance for these animals. To me, it’s one big puzzle. I want to figure out what makes the most sense for the family. I can come in, diagnose the situation, assess the needs of the dog and the owners, and help create a successful, happy life for everyone in the home!” –Berney Rodriguez


Basic Obedience

Behavior Rehabilitation 

Puppy Training 

Public Obedience 



[Berney] doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all method, which I find so refreshing.  Many dog gurus have a method that may have nothing to do with your situation or your dog. Berney really cares, listens and most importantly wants you to succeed!
— Katie Nehra



(60-90 minutes)

During our in-home dog training service, Berney assesses your daily routines, develops a plan to solve existing problems, and helps you put the training techniques you practice into action. Ideal for new dog owners learning how to train a puppy or dog for the first time, and for pet parents who want to teach an older dog new behaviors.  


(Contact us to schedule)

Send your pup for a weekend dog boarding and training session. Berney will spend time teaching and reinforcing positive behaviors and ensure your canine companion gets the exercise, attention and supervision they need. A perfect way to keep your puppy on track while you take a weekend getaway, and also great for dogs who need extra attention and behavior modification.  


(3-5 Days A Week)

We take our canine students out for a fun-filled dog boot camp in Los Angeles—doggie parents not required! 3-5 days a week, Berney trains the TMDB squad in public areas such as hiking trails, Barrington Dog Park, and the neighborhood streets of West Hollywood and Studio City. He works with each dog on accomplishing goals and maintaining good behavior, so that they can practice the skills learned at home in distracting outdoor environments. Plus, pick-up/drop-off service is included!


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